Catherine Goldschmidt

Catherine Goldschmidt is an American cinematographer. California-born and New Jersey-bred, she has lived on both coasts of the US, but now lives London. The daughter of a mathematician and a therapist, she is both logically inquisitive and emotionally sensitive to her subject matter. Whatever the project, whether a feature, documentary or commercial, Catherine’s work is always cinematically story-driven.

Directors worked with include: Jamie Stone, Sam Yates, Tricia Brock, Theresa Varga, Alicia MacDonald, Ben Fogg, Maya Albanese, Liz Garbus, Morgan Neville, Libby Burke Wilde, Alex Nicholson, Eoin Glaister, Jenn Nkiru, The Unthank Alliance, Bridget Savage Cole, David Fine, Peter Furia, Kai Hasson, Rob Pirouet, Mattias Pettersen, Jon Watts, Elissa Down, Todd Berger, Amber Sealey, Colin Theys, Nida Manzoor, Gemma Atkinson, Columbine Goldsmith, Michael Beddoes, Grace Jackson, Barbara Anastacio, Thaddeus Ruzicka, Peter Glanz, Gabriel Shalom, David Buchanan, Lynsey Miller, Craig Heathcote, Alice Seabright, Isabella Sieb, Nelly Ben Hayoun