Dominic Bartels

After graduating from University of the Creative Arts in Farnham with a Degree in Cinematography, Dominic began his career in the world of Music Videos, shooting promos for a variety of high profile acts from Barry White to Pete Doherty. His career has taken him around the world shooting award winning Commercials and branded content for clients such as Ford, Bentley, Nokia, TK Maxx and Max Factor. Dominic has built a reputation for producing stylish and arresting imagery whilst maintaining an open and collaborative approach to his work.

Dominic lives in London with his family.

Directors worked with: Simon Baker, James Laws, Jake Dypka, Jamie Maule-Ffinch, Zach Lewis, Robin Harvey, Lisle Turner, PJ Bickford, Marcus Thomas, Alex Kemp, Lucia Helenka, Manny Bonnett, Mike Harris, Giles Ripley, Richard Cousins, White Rabbit, Andy De Emmony, Georgi Banks-Davies, Matt Fretwell, Sean Moore, Kieron O'Brian, Mick Arnold, Ian Emes, Jeremy Wilmot, Sean West, Mini Vegas, Colin O'Toole, Sarah Riddell, Oliver Warren, Robin Burke, Russell Hayer, Jess Scott-Hunter, Suki Singh, Matt Cowley, Ben Taylor, Ben Hume-Patton, John Langham, Michael Kaplan, Phil Griffin, Shane Davey, Mark Adcock, Peter Faloon, Steve Baron, JT, Frank Borin, Kevin Hewitt, Simon Owens, Johnny Hopkins, Justin Dickel, Jez Murrell, Jamie & Jamie. 

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